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Green Air Super Vac - Calgary's 'Go-to' Furnace and Duct Cleaners

Here at Green Air Super-Vac, we want to enhance your quality of life by ensuring the air that you breathe in is fresh and comfortable. Annually within a typical household, up to 40 pounds of dust is created through everyday activities. The dust that gets collected is usually generated from dander and chemicals. The contaminants with no where else to disperse, are pulled into the ducts of the furnace and are re-circulated throughout the furnace system daily. Over a period of time, the build up of contaminants within the ducts contribute to larger health problems such as respiratory health conditions (asthma), environmental allergies (dust mite allergy) and autoimmune disorders. Not only does furnace cleaning provide a solution to health issues, it may also help out with cutting energy costs and having a greener footprint. By clearing the ducts and vents, it reduces the amount of energy the furnace needs to heat and as a result will save energy. Green Air Super-Vac aims to provide the highest quality of furnace and duct cleaning with our high pressure mounted trucks that will ensure that every bit of dust that has accumulated will be blasted away.

Highlights of our Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service

• We ensure that the duct systems are thoroughly cleaned • During the duration of our service we will check for any malfunctions • Our truck is mounted and contains a powerful suctioning system • We also clean dryer vents • We service residential, commercial and industrial • Public Health Impact - “The direct health implications of vehicle emissions, including exhaust from cars and trucks, are a concern to us all. Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), originating from gasoline and diesel engines are a major air pollutant that contributes to smog and ozone formation. This can negatively impact our health, and contribute to symptoms of asthma, respiratory and heart diseases. For these reasons, EPA 2010 in the most positive emissions control ever implemented.” (Isuzu Truck- Selective Catalytic Reduction)

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Green Air Super-Vac’s Code of Ethics

Green Air Super-Vac’s Code of Ethics • We have exemplary knowledge about furnace and duct cleaning to ensure we will provide our customers the best service • We are honest when dealing with our customers and this value is crucial to the success of our company • We will deliver what we promise • We will complete the job with a true sense of professionalism • Customers will experience our company’s competence and integrity

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The biggest reasons for why you need us

Getting your air ducts cleaned can help increase airflow in the household. If you or someone in your family suffer from allergies or dust – be sure to speak with us. Live clean and comfortably with Air Duct Cleaning service by Unique Furnace and Duct Cleaning Inc. With state of the art technology and commercial grade equipment, we will ensure that the air in your home is clean and comfortable. Regular maintenance of your ducts can drastically improve allergy symptoms and overall air quality by removing dust particles, mold, and pet hair from the air that is being circulated throughout your home. There is a long list of benefits that you get from residential duct cleaning. Not only can you improve the air circulation in your home by getting your ducts cleaned – you can help prevent allergies, asthma, and toxins from being inhaled.

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Our Goal is to let you Breathe Easy!!


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